2017 Yule Holiday Promotions

Just so they are all in one place, here are the promotions and codes active for the 2017 holiday season at www.tarotcart.com. 

These are to celebrate both decks having an anniversary, to help out with the holiday season, and because I like to give gifts out, especially around my birthday. But also I feel like “Shit I must put out a few specials, because, that is what is customary at this time of year.” It is a way to give and to get something in return. This time of year is all about energy exchange, which is part of the season that will be explored in the next post.

There are coupon code specials now listed at the stores, both shop.rosettatarot.com and http://www.tarotcart.com/, different than these and some better than these for the holidays, but rather than discount codes, here there are additional things only those who go to this site see, like freebies via comments when ordering.


For these FREE things, just mention the right words in the comment field with the related purchase, and get the gift!

Celebrate Tabula Mundi’s first anniversary as of Oct 18th and YOU get a gift! For a first anniversary the traditional gift is paper. So for Colores Arcus edition’s 1 Year anniversary, if you say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in the comment field when you order Tabula Mundi, you will get a set of all four Aces with silver foil borders to upgrade the Aces in your deck. And I’ll gift wrap the deck in fancy matching papers and a shiny symbol seal too! Offer good until Dec 21st or while supplies last.

Celebrate Rosetta’s sixth anniversary as of November 2nd and YOU get a gift! For the 6th anniversary the traditional gift is either candy or wood. So for Rosetta’s 6th anniversary, if you order a Rosetta Papyrus or Papyrus Gold edition and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in the comment field  when you order, you will get an Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Dark Chocolate Rose flavored with Rose and Cardamom – and I’ll gift wrap the order too in matching papers and a shiny rose seal, because um, paper is made of wood. Offer good until Dec 21st or while supplies last.

My birthday is St Nick’s Day. Want a free satin bag from good ol’ Nick for your deck? Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the comment field when you order any FULL SIZE deck, either Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus or full size Rosetta and get a red satin drawstring bag free. While supplies last only!

Also here are some gifts of the Magi for the Yuletide season through 12/21/17:

Buy Rosetta Papyrus Gold and get Rosetta Papyrus half price; code GOLD

15% off $100; code FRANKINCENSE

10% off $75; code MYRRH

And if you just want a little something…


Get $5 off a Book M: Liber Mundi,  or the Tabula Mundi Deck-and-Book set. For the new Book M with the color inserts (not old stock) use code NEWBOOKM

Get $5 off a Book of Seshet, or the Rosetta Deck-and-Book set. For Book of Seshet, use code 5SESHET

Get $5 off any full size deck, whether Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus, Rosetta Papyrus, or Rosetta Papyrus Gold, use code HANDSONDECK



Have a cool Yule!



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