A review of Book M: Liber Mundi – and books 50% off

Book M front cover

Review of Book M: Liber Mundi by Djamila Zon www.thequeenssword.com

I hope the linked review by Djamila gives you some idea of whether the book is for you.

The text from the back cover of the book reads: Follow the Fool on a visionary journey through a wormhole in the fabric of space-time, and on the way, discover Tabula Mundi, a different picture of the world. Take a ride on the wheel of life, the point in the circle, with the Aces at the center of a wheel of the zodiacal decans. Explore the Memory Palace of the court cards, the microcosm of Man where the world unfolds and comes back together and the ever expanding Tau cross leads to the unification of the four powers of the Sphinx. The Tabula Mundi Tarot is a new and unique Thoth-based deck created using a traditional Golden Dawn framework, but with an inventive and singular point of view.
 When you read Book M: Liber Mundi, you will encounter a new perspective as the artist and author discusses symbolism covering a wide range of topics encompassing mythology, religion, history, alchemy, Qabalah, Thelema and astrology. 

Also, I have some books where the covers have damage. The inside pages and binding are perfect but the covers have flaws in the printing or coating, scratches and the like. I’ve been culling them as I go. They are going for 50% off, which is a great deal considering the inside is what counts!


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