Art for Element Brewery

Just wanted to share this with you. One of my favorite local places is Element Brewery and Distillery in Millers Falls, MA. They started with beer and branched out to spirits. I really like their vibe, and their beverages!

I visited them on my birthday not too long ago and took home a blank bottle, as they were inviting local artists to handpaint bottles for them. They are filling these hand painted bottles with spirits and raffling them off. I have always wanted to design for a brewery so I offered to do one.

Their schtick is science-y – the alchemical elements are part of their branding and they sell spirits in Erlenmeyer flasks. So for their bottle I decided to go retro-science-y and do a design based on an old alchemical series of illustrations called “Genesis in the Retort.”

So after the first batch of Pharos tarot decks ship, I’ll be paying them a visit to deliver this bottle. They will be raffling it off – full of some delicious spirit – so if you visit the area check them out and buy a raffle ticket!

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