The Stanchion

The Hierophant’s Hebrew letter Vav means “nail”. In Pharos Tarot, my most recent deck in progress, the Hierophant is called The Stanchion, which is a vertical pin or post that provides support. It affixes the Lighthouse to the rock. The Stanchion is conductive, bringing the Fool’s fire from heaven down the Pillar of Mercy, from Wisdom […]

The Arc

The card known as Temperance or as Art in the Thoth deck and in my Tabula Mundi Tarot, is called The Arc in my new deck Pharos Tarot. The title refers both to the Arc of the rainbow, the Ark of the covenant, and to something called “the Arc of Visibility”. That’s a nautical term […]

The Foghorn

A sneak peek at a card from my new deck-in-progress, Pharos Tarot. The Foghorn is also known as The Moon. It’s the full moon here, for the zero degree,  on the Pisces/Virgo axis.  The fog glows, but you cannot see the moon. The horn sounds silently, and something vibrates at the back of your head. Something comes […]

The Ship

My new deck in progress is called Pharos Tarot. It began with The Sea…and we have The Lamp to light The Way. Now we need The Ship. The Hebrew letter Gimel means “camel” – the ship of the desert of the Abyss.

The Way…

For the cross quarter holiday and Thelemic holy day, the Feast of Stars, also known as the Feast of Nuit, and Imbolc, I bring you the Dweller Between the Waters, the Daughter of the Firmament. Here is The Star card from my new deck-in-progress, Pharos Tarot. I call this one The Way. The Star shows […]

The Lamp, to light the way

A preview of my new work in progress, Pharos Tarot. In honor of today’s auspicious astronomical event, the Mercury-Sun cazimi, I wanted to send out a communication (Mercury) and give you a preview of one of my favorite Pharos Tarot cards, The Sun. I call this one The Lamp. It’s a glyph of illumination and […]

The debut of Pharos Tarot

UPDATE August 2019: The page previously linked here below is temporarily password protected, as I am in process of redoing several of the cards. You can see some of the original cards in the regular posts, beginning with the previous post titled, “It begins with The Sea”. Pharos Tarot has been given it’s very own page, […]

Introducing the Harshmellows

Have all the little things gotten you down? Things not going your way? Work stuff, holidays, post holidays, overall blah? The dark days, the altogether too short planetary hours? If in the northern hemisphere it is just too dreary. In the southern hemisphere maybe it is the sweltering heat. If in the US, then it could be […]

It begins with the Sea…

This is the first card I chose to post for Pharos Tarot, a new tarot journey and deck in progress. I thought it should start by showing a Mother letter, as after all everything comes from them. Since this is a journey of water, I thought the Hanged Man is a good place to start. […]