Between two anniversaries…and someday, a third.

If you got this weeks newsletter, read no further as you already know this. Just figured I’d put it up here to get back in the habit of posting to the blog. It has been so long, that the well needs priming. Plus maybe some will see it here first, who knows?

This week we are between two anniversaries. Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus was published one year ago last week, and this week in 2016 the first copies were arriving at new homes. Next week, Rosetta Tarot has it’s sixth anniversary! Has it been so long?

Remember this video?

When the decks have anniversaries, they give gifts to you!

1st Anniversary: We Happy?

For a first anniversary the traditional gift is paper. So for Colores Arcus edition’s 1 Year anniversary, if you say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY when you order, you will get a set of all four Aces with silver foil borders to upgrade the Aces in your deck. And I’ll gift wrap the deck in fancy papers too! Offer good until Dec 21st. Books or deck/book sets are still $5 off with code NEWBOOKM too. Happy 1 year anniversary!

6th Anniversary: Sweet!

For the 6th anniversary the traditional gift is either candy or wood. So for Rosetta’s 6th anniversary, if you order a Rosetta Papyrus or Papyrus Gold edition and say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY when you order, you will get an Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Dark Chocolate Rose flavored with Rose and Cardamom – and I’ll gift wrap the order too, because um, paper is made of wood. Offer good until Dec 21st. Books or sets are still $5 off with code 5SESHET too. Sweet gift!

Fortune’s Wheelhouse penultimate episode?

So the specials out of the way, what else is going on? The Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast is on episode XX this week, for the Judgement/Aeon card. It’s the next to last one of the Majors! The podcast is free at all pod places like iTunes and Stitcher, but subscribers to our Patron channel get entered to win prizes every week! It is a good time to subscribe, because this week, there are THREE prizes so three Patrons will win something. Plus we are so close to meeting the goal to do all the Minors too, so please consider subscribing if you enjoy the show!

Other news:

So the promotional stuff out of the way, what else isĀ happening in MM land? Slowly working on paintings for a new deck. Yes, I will share them here soon!

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