The Taurus cards: the Five of Worry

These cards all have the colors of Taurus, or the Hierophant. All earthy tones Red Orange; Deep Indigo; Deep Warm Olive;  and Rich Brown. Plus the colors of the sephira in Assiah and the colors of the decan’s planetary ruler. In the Five of Disks the ruler is Mercury which has the more ethereal colors of […]

The Princess Scale: all those flecked colors

I’ve finally gotten to painting the decans of the Disk cards. This is where we most start to see the flecked colors which show the mixed and shattered colors inherent in the suit of earth. Tiphareth is the only sephira that does not have a flecked (or rayed) color in the Princess, or Empress, scale. I guess as […]

The Process: All you need is Love…the decans of Cancer

After the last post, two people asked if I could share more about the process and the materials used. So for this time, I will show you some of that. You will see some of the ugly in-between stages of the coloring process. Don’t judge anything by those; the final ones look good. What you […]

The Colores Arcus edition…Sagittarius decans

  Swiftness – the speed of light Glad to be on the wings of momentum. Here is an “in progress” picture :       The Eight of Wands combines the Art card with the Magus. Color Scales for the Eight of Wands: King Scale for Hod: Violet Four Scales for Sagittarius: Blue; Yellow; Green; […]

Heart of Fire: Regulus and the Fixed Sign Leo

The heart of the Wands suit is the fixed fire sign of Leo, spanning the middle of the Tree of Life, the 5,6, and 7. Here is contained one of the four Royal Stars of Heaven, Regulus, called also Cor Leonis, the heart of the Lion and the Watcher of the North, seen on Tabula Mundi’s Universe […]

The Four New Aces

  Thought you might like to see them together. Can you see the underlying geometry? They are all built on the same series of Golden Ratio related circles, increasing in size from bottom to top for the feminine aces (cups and disks) and increasing in size from top to bottom for the masculine aces (wands and swords).

A dream

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that hearing about other people’s dreams is only about one step above listening to their medical problems in terms of interestingness. But this one seems to be one of what Jung called a big dream, meaning of significance rather than due purely to anxiety or that bit of cheese […]