Happy Crowleymas to you all! In the trickster spirit, I thought the Beast might appreciate some joking. Here is poking a little fun at AE Waite, a favorite pastime of his: And a joke: How many Thelemites does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two, if they fit. For tonight, I hope to toast Uncle […]


My dad showed up here a few weeks ago with this in the backseat of his car: a Japanese slot machine with a 777 theme, and British lions and unicorns. I think a friend gave it to him.    I just thought it was amusing, he has no clue why I am so tickled by […]

New Aces – Ace of Swords

Hope those of you in the states are enjoying the aftermath of the Thanksgiving holiday, and hope all everywhere around the world are taking in this weekend’s good energy. Lots of planets are in air and fire! I for one like that, being a Sagittarius with lots of Aquarian influence. My birthday is coming up. December the 6th […]