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It’s right in your wheelhouse…

What’s all this then? That’s right, it is a podcast about esoteric symbolism in the tarot. My friend and fellow tarot nerd asked me if I would cohost a podcast in which we dissect the esoteric meanings embedded in each of the Major Arcana, comparing the Waite Smith card to the Thoth Tarot card.

Though I am super introverted and will mangle words constantly, I thought that would be fun so I said yes, and today the first two episodes of Fortune’s Wheelhouse are live: episode 0, The Fool, and episode I, the Magus! They are FREE for anyone to listen to on any of the usual podcast services. There are graphics provided on our Patreon page, where you can choose to subscribe and support our work. You can listen for free, but if you subscribe extra content is unlocked and you can be entered in our weekly giveaways, as starting with episode II we will be offering all sorts of cool tarot and esoteric stuff for someone to win each episode if all goes well! Stuff like decks and books and tarot cases and esoterically correct perfumes and prints and a few surprise items!

We are committed to doing all 22 Majors but if we meet our subscription goal we will commit to doing all 78 cards and possibly beyond into other decks or topics.

So have a listen and see if it floats:

Here are links direct to Fortune’s Wheelhouse in iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher and other apps….

Let me tell you a little about the name Fortune’s Wheelhouse. I’m a Sagittarius and my friend Susie is a Virgo. So we took the tarot card name for the card of Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius (Wheel of Fortune) and merged with the name of the Hebrew letter for Mercury, ruler of Virgo (Bet, meaning house which is the tarot card Magus). And since we are both complete tarot and esoterica obsessed geeks, we figured it was right in our wheelhouse! We hope it is in yours too.

Whatever your level of expertise you are sure to learn something as we dig up all sorts of hidden things in the cards. If you want to learn about astrology or the Tree of Life in relation to tarot this is a fun way. There is a lot of explanatory and educational content unlocked for subscribers too. You will have a laugh along with us as we sometimes take an irreverent look at things.

You already know me, well sort of anyway! So let me introduce my friend and fellow tarotista T. Susan Chang. She has a tarot correspondences book coming out this fall with Llewellyn, and makes the most gorgeous structured brocade custom tarot cases you ever saw, as well as esoterically formulated perfumes for each sign of the zodiac!

So listen for free and if you like it, please share it – and if you really like it, consider subscribing at our Patreon page so that we can continue and do the Minors as well as the Majors. If nothing else have a look at the free content there. We really hope to do those minors as there is so much there to unravel, and we are having a lot of fun. But it is also a lot of work and there are related expenses to cover, so please consider it if you can, with our thanks, and get a lot of extra content and a chance to win some very cool stuff!

The first two episodes, episode 0, Fool and episode I, Magus, are up now, and episode II, Priestess, will go up on Thursday the 22nd (Wednesday for subscribers). After that, it will be every week on those days.

In other news, check out the new “Artist Advice” column at the Queen’s Sword Tarot reviews site where I was asked to write the first column. She also recently did a review of the Book of Seshet and another review of the new Rosetta Papyrus edition. So if you are wondering if either of these is right for you, you can read an unbiased opinion of the pros and cons there.

7 thoughts on “Fortune’s Wheelhouse!

      1. Currently, there are episodes of Fortune’s Wheelhouse released every other week, so normally two per month. When we did the 78 cards we were doing one every week, but now every other week seems sufficient and much more manageable!

  1. I have tried and tried to deep dive into the Tarot for years. This podcast has opened an opportunity for me to look at my decks from multi concept approach using numbers, elements, zodiac, color, notes and so much more. Providing an auditory exploration in conjunction with a daily draw and book study takes the knowledge a little farther each podcast. THANK YOU!

  2. I just started the podcast, really enjoying it!

    One thing that has confounded me about the Thoth deck and the Golden Dawn system in general that you didn’t touch on much in the podcast is what it means to be on a path from one Sephiroth to another. In the Fool podcast you mentioned that the Fool is on the path from Kether to Chokmah. I understand the basic path more or less, and there’s plenty of information about what the Sephirah mean individually, but I’ve never understood what the significance is transitioning between most of them. On a basic level I sort of get the more straight forward progression on the tree from fool to magus, but as you get farther down there are connections between seemingly unrelated spheres that don’t correlate with the main path. Like the Lovers, Binah to Tiphareth. What on Earth does that actually mean and what information can we get from that? Is this something you would consider expanding on when discussing the paths in future podcasts?

    1. Hi James! Thanks for the comment and question. Your point is a good one. While we have just completed the recordings, perhaps we could address that in a written post or special episode, or do an addendum. I think at times in some episodes we address it more than in others, as they are sort of free form discussions. But I think a special recording or article on that is a good idea!

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