Introducing the Harshmellows

Have all the little things gotten you down? Things not going your way? Work stuff, holidays, post holidays, overall blah? The dark days, the altogether too short planetary hours?

If in the northern hemisphere it is just too dreary. In the southern hemisphere maybe it is the sweltering heat. If in the US, then it could be all sorts of things getting you down.

Magickal constipation? Too much Capricorn in the air? Artistic struggles? Either way something has harshed your mellow.

Local artist p.BKr channelled that feeling of discontent and created a new sculptural series. Introducing the Harshmellows:

The Harshmellows. By artist p.BKr

Handmade, upcycled, made of ultimately recyclable materials.

The Harshmellow family knows how you feel, because they were created out of stress and compressed paper napkins.

Contact Atu House if you would like to adopt them. They have a good home but they are never content.

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