Paper Lust

I used up my hoard of fancy paper on the Tabula Mundi little white books, so went to the local art supply store for more. Lo and behold! They were having a “buy one get one half off” sale. I love love love nice paper, so Lust took over and I bought a ton.

The books I make this weekend with this paper are going to be even more beautiful than the first few, I hate to say it but it is true. These papers are drop dead gorgeous! So if you have not yet ordered a Deluxe set, but intend to, or are getting someone a gift for the upcoming holiday season, you are in luck as these books are going to be awesome. By the way, has anyone actually read them yet? They have words, too!

I will post pictures of some finished books later, but for now feast your eyes on this stack of paper!



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