POLL: Which Major Arcana card of my new deck do you MOST want to see?

I hope to show you some new work, both finished and in progress. But since I might not want to show them ALL, let me know what you would most like to see. You can only vote once but you can pick up to three – because I know choosing one is too hard! This is for a new deck I’m working on. I’m working on more than one! But this one is the farthest along and so I am focusing on it to finish at least the Majors first.

Poll is open until June 22, 2018. After it closes, there will be a showing.

Update: More about that, and some results analysis, now shown here.

7 thoughts on “POLL: Which Major Arcana card of my new deck do you MOST want to see?

    1. I know, I have two started and two more in the “idea” phase. I had to get real and just focus on ONE just so something would have a chance of getting DONE! But the others will follow, if I live long enough to finish them all! And they are all very, very different from each other.

  1. This is wonderful news. You are very wonderful and mysterious to me. I have now more than 200 Tarot decks—your Tabula Mundi is the deck I keep with me even though I’m in the middle of moving house. All others are now packed. It will be this way for about 6 months so I will spend lots of time with the cards and book.

    You are so complex and amazing that I feel this deck will be a lifetime of learning and delightful ness.

    I want mostly to see the Empress because something about her face in Tabula Mundi gives me pause. She’s deeply beautiful and powerful. And novel. I am excited about a new even two new decks.

    My art instructor told me artists should always have at least 3 pieces going. I thought that was insane but as my painting practice has grown I’ve found she’s not far off on that. I have 7 going right now. One or more inform the other(s). They seem to all be teachers of some kind. They’re all gifts.

    Thank you for sharing your whip-smart intelligence and amazing artistic capacity! You are a treasure. Can’t wait to see your the Queens too!

  2. You…your incredible creativity and your devotion keep me inspired to push on and gather all the knowledge of life that I can. Just your works alone are enough to guide mankind ! There’s just no words that can express my love and gratitude towards you. I pray to meet you one day! I’m sure I will faint 🤗❣️
    🙏🏻 I’m beginning a new phase of life…crossing a new threshold and I’m so happy to have your decks to lead the way! I’ll be ready to preorder as soon as you unleash the news!
    Thank you!
    Melissa M 🤗♥️😘

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