Quick Update on the Minor Arcana

I just wanted to post something to let you all know that I’ve been working hard on the minors for the last couple of months. I’m very close to having a good chunk of them done, and am pleased with the progress of the process and the product. I think it will be of interest, as it is unlike most decks that have come before, and the minors will be as unique as the majors, and with a discernible structure.

I know, you want to see some, right? Very soon! I want to have them all done before I release them as I think they will be better released as a whole rather than in parts. Plus I’d like to write up some of the book to go with them for background.

If only there were a couple of clones of me to do my bidding. Does anyone know how to make a golem? I think 2 more (in addition to the real me) would be perfect, to do:

1) Research and Development

2) Artistic Design

3) Authorship of the Book

4) Obtaining Funding and dealing with the Printing and Production processes

5) Marketing, Website maintenance and blog posts

6) Work the day job

Alas, there is only one of me. I just want to do #1 and #2, and can tolerate #3 as I have all the ideas though it is So Much Work for me to put them into words. So I could get away with me doing 1 thru 3 and someone else doing 4 & 5, and plus one more chump to work the day job!

If I could only have just one clone, I’d put it to work on #6, so I could devote all my time and energy to the rest. But alas all the hats are mine.

This must be why a lot of decks have at least 2 if not 3 or 4 people working on them! I saw a Kickstarter the other day, three guys working together on a tarot, splitting the tasks above, and the first thing at least one of them did (the artist, of course), was to “quit job and move to Mexico” to the beachfront to work on it. Ha! I wish. We have like four feet of snow here right now, not to mention it is the audit season where I work, so I am rolling my eyes at this!

So for now, I am doing #6 but not by choice, and concentrating on 1 & 2, as it is the Most Important (and the part I’m best at). I’ll have to do #3 after #’s 1 & 2, then will worry about the rest…

I can do it all. I WILL do it all. The labors of Hercules 🙂







9 thoughts on “Quick Update on the Minor Arcana

    1. Hey! The cards are almost all done in black and white. I’ve finished all the decan cards (2 thru 10) of all suits, and have some of the courts done. A few more courts to go and they will be all done in the black and white version. I have more than half of the (full size) book written too, but need to decide if also doing a LWB if so that is another project. Then need to make a book cover and a box design. Working on getting my printing quotes lined up. Once all the black and white ones are done, I’ll scan them and add the borders. Then could be ready to publish a B/W version. But I still need to paint all the minors in color…
      I am really looking forward to showing the rest of the deck and seeing what you think. They are unlike any deck out there so it should be interesting, I hope! I am working on this every day, putting in lots of time on the weekend too, and the goal is to be ready to do a kickstarter this spring to get the funds, then publish this summer. Assuming I can work that fast and furious. It sounds a little crazy 🙂

      1. Nice! I know we’re all anxious to see them. When YOU’RE satisfied with them, of course! 🙂

  1. No rush… the Majors turned out so well that I can appreciate the pressure you are under to get-it-just-right. Until then I have the “Rosetta” full deck with book to keep me occupied and the Tabula Mundi Majors on which to meditate so… I’m indeed blessed. by-the-by … you “don’t” want a golem. They’re not all they’re cracked up to be… 93/93

    1. Thanks Adrian, that is very kind. Making good progress on the minors, will be done this year for sure at this rate. I am very much looking forward to sharing them to see what you think. Hopefully soon!

  2. Hi M.M.
    Not sure about the golem, but I reckon I might manage a Tulpa. I’ll order a small one, it will be cheaper to ship. Not sure it would be into 6 though. I hear they are really great at P.R. I’ll get one for me and let you know how it goes.
    If you do kickstart you really might need need a soccer team of supernatural helpers. So many decks to ship out at once. Honestly, the mind boggles.
    Thank you, I am so happy to know you.
    X Wooden-eye

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