8 thoughts on “Where to get Tabula Mundi

    1. Hi Sara,
      All of my works are self published and completely created by me in small editions. So they are only purchasable directly from one of my sites such as http://www.tarotcart.com. I wish there was a way for me to sell from a place overseas so that European customers could save on shipping and related costs, but unfortunately I’ve not found a practical solution. However I do offer a choice of First Class shipping instead of Priority which saves a little of the postage cost.

  1. I definitely want both the full-size color Tabula Mundi (with extra Deccan Cards) and the Rosetta Tarots. I am heading out of town, but will be back in about a week. Will these items still be available (I live in the US)?

  2. Hello, I just ran accost these Taro Card images. I feel drawn to them and was wondering How I may obtain a deck. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you time and consideration.

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