Tabula Mundi – past, present, and future

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether any new editions of Tabula Mundi are forthcoming, since the Colores Arcus edition sold out.

The short answer is YES, and soon. I am in the gathering info stage, and figuring out what changes will be made to any new edition, what the printing job will cost and what I can afford to do, etc. I only print using companies based in the USA, so once the decisions are made, the turn around time is quick. Details will be coming soon!

I wanted to also alert you to the fact that someone is pirating my work. If you see my decks (Tabula Mundi, Rosetta, Pharos) sold anywhere other than or, unless they are reselling their own used copy, it is an inferior PIRATED version.

There is one pirated version on a very popular site – printed on inferior GLOSSY cardboard, without the holograms or booklet or nice box – and they are asking for MORE money than I charge for a real version on real matte cardstock with the holographic foil backs, silk lined box, and booklet.

They are also pirating several other decks, not just mine. While I am sure this is happening all over the world, at least on the major commerce sites here there is a little way to combat it, by reporting infractions.

So don’t be fooled, and please report counterfeit decks and deck pirates, and get them kicked off their platforms. It’s easy, and if enough people do it, their sites will get taken down. On Etsy, for example, as long as you have an Etsy account it is easy to report an item or a shop as violating Etsy’s terms – which pirated products do! They can be flagged as “not handmade” (they have to be either “handmade” or vintage – and for handmade, they have to have the rights to be making them) and/or “prohibited item” as making something that the rights belong to someone else is prohibited. Here’s how:

I’ve done it – and it only takes a second.

It’s distressing to see how easy it is for someone to take a labor of love, something I worked on for more than five years to completion, scan it and start selling shoddy copies of it. And do the same for the work of countless others. I know how much effort goes into the creation of a deck – it takes over your life! So please report this when you see it.

I will always endeavor to keep self publishing my works and keep them available for as long as I’m able. What’s more it will be A+ quality, handmade and assembled by the artist, at a reasonable price. If something goes out of print for good because I can’t fund the printing, I’ll let you know. But I’ll try to release new editions as I’m able so please be patient – good things are coming! So please flag the pirated copies you see and buy direct from the artist.

Beyond Tabula Mundi, I have a few other new art and tarot projects to tell you about soon. But because of this pirating, I’m trying to think of a better way to only show so much, to those who appreciate it. New works coming, I just need to figure out the best way to show you the progress.

UPDATE: Well while Etsy will take stuff down, the scammers can deny it and then Etsy will relist it in a few days! I have to file a court order! Unbelievable!

Still, keep reporting these things. If a shop gets reported multiple times, supposedly they will take them down. Surprised they don’t see how obvious the store that is selling all these decks is a scammer, as not only did I provide actual proof of my own copyright, but the scammers have 25 other decks on there – all by different people and companies! Surely Etsy does not believe these people own the copyright for all of them?

14 thoughts on “Tabula Mundi – past, present, and future

  1. I really want the large color edition, but it is sold out. Trying to decide whether to order the smaller. Do you think you will be reprinting the large edition anytime soon?

    1. Hoping to reprint this year but things are very uncertain as to when! Hoping for late summer early fall but if not it will be next year. For now I’m just taking email addresses of those interested in the reprint for whenever it happens. I’ve added you to the notification list though. But do try the mid size, it is a really good size for shuffling and still big enough to see details.

  2. Hi
    I have never used the Thoth system, and although i would like to, Im not drawn to the original artwork at all. I’m very familiar with RWS and TdM, and I love the imagary in the Tabula Mundi. Is it necessary to be familiar with Thoth? Or can i use this pack as an intro? Also, does it come with a guide book?

    1. Hello Nicola,
      I don’t think you necessarily need to know the Thoth system first to understand Tabula Mundi; as it will help you understand the Thoth system as you go along, to the extent you wish to, or it can stand alone on its imagery. There is a 240 page guidebook available, and the large silver decks (available now) and the large regular decks (that are out of stock but hopefully coming back soon) come with or have available a “Little White Book”. Hope this info helps!

  3. 93
    Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to keep the Great Work in the tarot. No cheap copies could carry the weight of the Great Work, so shame on them for trying to pass off yours. Watching with admiring eyes…
    93 93/93

  4. When I started getting back into Tarot a few years ago, there were a few popular decks that were being heavily pirated on sites like Ebay and Wish. I still see that a lot sadly. I don’t enjoy reading here and on FaceBook that there are those who feel that plagiarism is a good way to make money. There are a lot of great small retailers that are doing a legitimate business by carrying indie decks such as Phoenix and Lotus and Little Red Tarot to name a few. I am excited to read that the large version of Tabula Mundi is coming back into print. I love my pocket box and now I know I need the big one for my collection.

    1. Thanks Lisa! In spite of these people doing such dishonorable things, for now I keep on keeping on, because this is how I follow my Will.

  5. I hate stores selling counterfeit decks! It happens way to often, and next to the artist seeing none of the revenue, as you pointed out their decks are sub-par. I am saddened that this has happened to you. I reported the shop and I hope the whole thing will be taken down for good. Unfortunately, being a niche deck creator these days doesn’t help against deck pirating (it happens a lot to James R Eads and also Baba Studio has made that experience). Please carefully watermark your work when posting online!!

    1. Thanks so much Caro. I’ve learned a few lessons for sure. Even watermarking cannot stop someone with a scanner. But I really appreciate that you reported them. The more people who do, and who put it out on social media that Etsy is allowing this instead of supporting real creators, the more likely they will reconsider and close down the shop. It cannot be good for Etsy’s reputation to be perceived as a marketplace supporting pirates and selling counterfeit goods!
      Anyway I continue to fight. Will have to waste money on a court order but it is just wrong so I have to try to protect the work I worked so hard on. It is odd to me that a person can feel good about hurting others to make a dollar.

      1. I remember that Adam McLean (Alchemy Web Site) used to (and likely still does) have significant issues with pirated versions of his books, prints, and courses. I think Etsy’s handling of this is perhaps even more despicable than what the pirates are doing, and I will be letting them know. These things can take time, though. I can’t remember how long it took Book Depository to stop taking orders for a supposed reprint of the Fantastic Menagerie kit, which (at that time) was never going to happen. For sure it was many months. But eventually they removed the item. Persistence and resolve. If, as consumers, we show support for creators like Mel and advise Etsy and the like that we will take our business elsewhere, eventually we will win out. The pirates will sail off to new sites–they are a cancer that can’t be quashed–but at least the more major outlets can be held to account.

  6. Very excited about a new edition to the Tabula Mundi Deck. I missed out on the first riund and will take this opportunity to study the companion book.

    I understand the pain behind seeing a labor of love ripped off, re-posted and marketed without your permission. I hope any action that must come is in your favor 100%.

    Love your work and your voice on these subjects!

    1. Thank you Ron! I really appreciate seeing your comment. This stuff so distressing, and it’s really hard to fight it on my own. It’s nice to see there are good people in the world like yourself still. So thank you for taking the time to comment!

      BTW edited to add – the “field guide” pdf you just ordered isn’t the full guidebook. That is called Book M: Liber Mundi and it’s the full 240 page book. The field guide is just a short supplemental booklet telling about the animal symbolism in the deck (thus the term “field guide”) Just wanted to let you know!

      1. Hello Hidden Hadit!

        Your perspective on the mysteries of Tarot are profound! Just sending light and love your way and thanking you for your brilliant enlightening perspective. It makes me wonder about the information and differences in your other decks.

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