The Ship

The Ship (aka Priestess) Pharos Tarot ©2019 MM Meleen

It began with The Sea…and we have The Lamp to light The Way. Now we need The Ship.

The Sea. Hanged Man copyright M. M. Meleen Tarot Pharos
The Lamp. Sun copyright M. M, Meleen Tarot Pharos

The Way (Star) copyright 2019 M.M. Meleen Tarot Pharos

7 thoughts on “The Ship

  1. Oh my god! These are so, so beautiful!! Especially the Star aka the Way. I absolutely adore the approach your are taking with this deck, and I hope to one day hold it in my collection next to the Tabula Mundi. I can’t wait! And the companion book will be amazing as well, I am sure of it! Beautiful artwork znd beautiful meaning behind the art.

  2. I absolutely love that you include the camel as the path of gimel. Is that windless sea like the desert? It may take time for the winds to find you and carry you across the abyss? You really pack the cards with symbols. Beautiful work.

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