The surveys for the Kickstarter were sent today

If you are a Kickstarter backer for the Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux edition, you should have received an email survey July 1 that asks you to verify your shipping address. I can’t send your decks and books without it, so please reply.

The project is all consuming and going well. The decks and books are on schedule to go out to backers in August, and then be available to purchase direct. The first deck will be shipped August 6, in the early AM. Course, there is a reason for that, so I am motivated and working on all sorts of things to both shepherd this project along, and to make it awesome for you. The Nox et Lux is the most elegant black and white deck ever.

In a limited edition of 418 decks.

 Countdown until the first Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux will ship.

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