Fool Me Once

Happy April Fools Day! If you are here for the “Two Truths and a lie game, you are in luck!” To recap, your job is to guess which of the following three statements isn’t true: 1) I only have ten more cards to paint, and the date of the Kickstarter for the Tabula Mundi Colores […]

Magazine article: field guide to the animals in Tabula Mundi

The current issue of Tarosophy Magazine Vol II Issue 7 has an article I wrote as a “Field Guide” to the creatures of Tabula Mundi. There is a glossary of divinatory meanings for animals both real and mythological. Digital copies are free to all Tarot Professionals members, and anyone can buy a hard copy. The […]

Lust: Leader of the Lion

                        Lust is the zodiacal trump of Leo, a very powerful sign in the zodiac as it is ruled by the Sun, and the central or fixed of the fire sign trinity. The sign of the Sun in its glory. The Sun is Heru-Ra-Ha, lord of the new Aeon. This is the […]

A review of Book M: Liber Mundi – and books 50% off

Review of Book M: Liber Mundi by Djamila Zon I hope the linked review by Djamila gives you some idea of whether the book is for you. The text from the back cover of the book reads: Follow the Fool on a visionary journey through a wormhole in the fabric of space-time, and on the way, […]

The Ten of Disks: Adam Kadmon and the Vault

The last of the decanic minors, the Ten of Disks, was the most recent card finished. This card, as the last decan of Virgo which is ruled by Mercury, combines the energies of the Hermit with the Magus, in the sephira of Malkuth.     The following is from Book M: Liber Mundi, the guidebook […]