New printing of Book M with color inserts!

If you have been procrastinating and haven’t yet bought Book M: Liber Mundi, well, procrastinating paid off. I had to get a few more printed and so this time, added some color inserts, just like in the Book of Seshet! So for the same price, now there are color pages. What’s more, the covers are […]

Hail unto thee, who art Ahathor in thy beauty

  Solstice was yesterday, June 21 – summer solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. To me, this Solstice, of the four quarters of the year, represents Ahathoor in triumph. Liber Resh is my favorite Thelemic practice, and the salutation to Hathor at noon might be my favorite of the four (probably because I am not […]

Fortune’s Wheelhouse!

It’s right in your wheelhouse… What’s all this then? That’s right, it is a podcast about esoteric symbolism in the tarot. My friend and fellow tarot nerd asked me if I would cohost a podcast in which we dissect the esoteric meanings embedded in each of the Major Arcana, comparing the Waite Smith card to […]