Impossible reinheitsgebot astronaut day

Happy 4.23 in year 2016, or Thelemically stated as of 8:20 Eastern: Anno Vii Sun in 4° Taurus, Moon in 22° Scorpio Anno Vii in 4°, in 22° April 23 is both the 500 year anniversary of reinheitsgebot, but also Impossible Astronaut Day. That means you get to drink beer and induce time travel in […]

Rosetta Tarot, as seen on TV!

Update to this post: I did not see the show but by all accounts it was pretty terrible! A lot less tarot than was described and pretty bad TV as well. Oh well. Some shots of the cards and some shuffling. Not very exciting. regarding this post: My first deck, the Rosetta Tarot will be […]