Quick Update on the Minor Arcana

I just wanted to post something to let you all know that I’ve been working hard on the minors for the last couple of months. I’m very close to having a good chunk of them done, and am pleased with the progress of the process and the product. I think it will be of interest, […]

Shout out to Bonefire!

I wanted to put out a hearty congratulations to Gabrielle West, creator of Bonefire Tarot, who has just announced that her deck will soon be published by Schiffer. Very much deserved, and I commend them on their good taste. Gabi is a true artist, creating original tarot art by hand. Each card was hand drawn […]

The Four New Aces

  Thought you might like to see them together. Can you see the underlying geometry? They are all built on the same series of Golden Ratio related circles, increasing in size from bottom to top for the feminine aces (cups and disks) and increasing in size from top to bottom for the masculine aces (wands and swords).