Leap Year: A Unicorn sighting

February 29th. Leap Day. Here we go, at midnight, or thereabouts.  This post is as rare as a unicorn. As it should be. Warning: this post is brought to you by Neptune on the day-out-of-time. Yes it is out there, and that is the point. Happy Leap Day! One would think, with the name “Leap Day” […]

Latest review of Tabula Mundi Nox et Lux

A review of the Tabula Mundi Tarot’s Nox et Lux edition was recently written by Djamila Zon, of the website “The Queen’s Sword” (www.thequeenssword.com). This is a link to Djamila’s review of the Nox et Lux on her website. It is very thoughtfully done and thorough. She reviewed the deck as a stand alone, with […]

Success and Failure

Success, it is satisfying. The Six of Disks turned out way better than I thought it would. Color made so much difference! Once again too, the color scales were perfect for the card. The Six of Disks is the only decanic Disk that does not have a flecked color for the sephira, as that color is […]

Color Scales in Action

Sometimes, color makes all the difference. Especially when the Gooden Dawn color scales fit the subject matter so perfectly. It just makes an impact. I was not going to post about this card because I did not photo document the painting process. But I wish I did because this one has been pretty fun to […]

New Moon in Aquarius: Science

February 8th at 9:38:53 EST This new moon is within the middle decan of Aquarius (at 19 degrees 16 seconds, it is the last degree of the middle decan). The Sabian symbol for this degree of Aquarius is “A large white dove, bearing a message.” Now this degree is very personal to me, as it is […]

The Taurus cards: the Five of Worry

These cards all have the colors of Taurus, or the Hierophant. All earthy tones Red Orange; Deep Indigo; Deep Warm Olive;  and Rich Brown. Plus the colors of the sephira in Assiah and the colors of the decan’s planetary ruler. In the Five of Disks the ruler is Mercury which has the more ethereal colors of […]

The Princess Scale: all those flecked colors

I’ve finally gotten to painting the decans of the Disk cards. This is where we most start to see the flecked colors which show the mixed and shattered colors inherent in the suit of earth. Tiphareth is the only sephira that does not have a flecked (or rayed) color in the Princess, or Empress, scale. I guess as […]