Rosetta Tarot

Looking for info on the Rosetta Tarot? The Rosetta is a Thoth based tarot first published in 2011, winning the number one deck of the year at Aeclectic Tarot. It was published as a mini deck in a tin a few years later.

Currently there are three versions of Rosetta: A full size Rosetta Papyrus edition which is still available, and sold out editions: full size regular first edition and the Papyrus GOLD edition, and a pocket size Rosetta. The two Papyrus editions have Egyptian hieroglyphic titles on a papyrus textured border, while the pocket edition has black borders and English titles. The GOLD edition has foiled borders and a whole lot of luxe extras.

Every edition except the first edition that came in a tuckbox has the beautiful dark blue two part hard boxes, embossed with a gold foil ankh and lined with a double faced satin wide ribbon lift.

The deck also has it’s own 240 page guidebook called the Book of Seshet. This book has a lot of introductory information about Astrology and Qabalah as it relates to tarot, for those who would like a grounding in those topics.

I’ve been asked if there will ever be a full size Rosetta reissued with the black borders and English titles. Perhaps, but it isn’t scheduled for the near future. Due to the cost of production, it isn’t often financially possible to reissue decks. I’ll try to keep those of you who have asked in mind, but I don’t have a lot of savings I can afford to sink into inventory.

If you are interested in the Rosetta, it has it’s own website at with more pictures of the black bordered edition.

All versions of the Rosetta and the Book of Seshet can also be found at

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