Kether is in Malkuth contest

Want to get something no one else has now, and possibly never will have? How about a print, or the full set of prints, of a series of oil paintings I did as potential prototypes for the Aces of the Tabula Mundi deck? Bring an Ace (Kether) into Malkuth (here, now)! As a disclaimer I have to say […]

Little books for the decks

[tminus t=”29-09-2014 20:24:00″ style=”carbonite-responsive”/] The countdown is on until Tabula Mundi tarot launches and after writing in a concentrated stretch the books are written and the first batch is printed. Today I spent some time making some deluxe ones, that will be available for the first group of deck buyers for the boxed sets. These have lots […]

Tabula Mundi Tarot – Labor Day at the box factory

Over this Labor Day weekend I spent a lot of quality time with the wooden boxes for the deluxe edition of Tabula Mundi Tarot. The wooden boxes were handmade by Creative Wood Products of Maine here in New England, USA. They harvest the birch and pine and make the boxes by hand. I ordered them unfinished, […]