Paper Lust

I used up my hoard of fancy paper on the Tabula Mundi little white books, so went to the local art supply store for more. Lo and behold! They were having a “buy one get one half off” sale. I love love love nice paper, so Lust took over and I bought a ton. The […]

New Aces-Ace of Wands

I’ve decided that the Ace prototypes seen previously are another tarot deck in the making entirely, and that I’ll redo the Aces “Tabula Mundi style”. I’ll post progress here as I go. I’ve got the Ace of Wands done in black and white. The other day, I was telling someone that I was about to […]

The Ace prototypes

  Here are pictures of the Ace prototypes┬áthat are going out this week as prizes for the Kether is in Malkuth contest: As a disclaimer I have to say that these will not end up being the Aces for the Tabula Mundi tarot deck when it finally manifests as a full 78 card deck. But […]

Help Lon Milo DuQuette!

Hey friends, If you are like me, you have read at least one of Lon Milo DuQuette’s books, and maybe several. I know I’ve read almost every one, and really enjoyed them too. So I’d like to give something back. In case you didn’t know, in addition to being a great writer for the genre, […]

A dream

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that hearing about other people’s dreams is only about one step above listening to their medical problems in terms of interestingness. But this one seems to be one of what Jung called a big dream, meaning of significance rather than due purely to anxiety or that bit of cheese […]

Kether is in Malkuth – clues

Here are three clues: Clue number one: The Universe card Clue number two: the signature card   Clue number three: Oscar Wilde’s last words. thanks for entering, if you do! M