Who is HRU? Part III

Someone commented on one of the old posts that showed a video of my “Who is HRU?” esoteric pop up book. I realized that while I posted Part I showing the beginning pages and Part II showing the middle pages, I forgot to ever post Part III showing the end pages, including the solution to […]

A Roman Mosaic with the circled cross (the Tabula Mundi logo!)

  Roman mosaic recently discovered in Uzès, France inside what was the ancient and legendary lost city of Ucetia. I’ve always loved learning about archeological discoveries. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an article on the discovery of a long thought lost Roman city, and saw this mosaic that immediately reminded me of the Tabula Mundi […]

Writing the Rosetta tarot papyrus hieroglyphs

Since the papyrus edition of the Rosetta tarot deck is a redux of the deck first published in 2011, rather than share about the process for the art itself which is already done, I thought  I’d share some of the process behind the new borders being made now, because that is what is exciting to me […]

Rosetta redux: the Papyrus edition

My first tarot deck, before Tabula Mundi, was called the Rosetta Tarot and was published in November 2011. I currently still have some pocket size versions in a tin for it, both with the card bank design (a version of a rose cross) on the tin, or a custom tin with either your choice of card or the […]