Impossible reinheitsgebot astronaut day

Happy 4.23 in year 2016, or Thelemically stated as of 8:20 Eastern:

Anno Vii Sun in 4° Taurus, Moon in 22° Scorpio
Anno Vii in 4°, in 22°

April 23 is both the 500 year anniversary of reinheitsgebot, but also Impossible Astronaut Day. That means you get to drink beer and induce time travel in whatever ways you do that, hopefully after over indulging in schnitzel and spaetzle. Don’t forget to make your tallys, of beer, alien, or other encounters.

Which makes yesterday April 22nd. I’m celebrating today because of yesterday.

Yesterday was Earth Day, but also a full moon, during the solar season of Taurus, and there was a Grand Trine in Earth. And it was a Friday, day of Venus. So I figured it was the perfect day to paint the final card of the deck, the Princess of Disks, Earth of Earth, Malkuth of Malkuth, the Throne of the Ace of Disks centered around kerubic sign Taurus.

So that happened. She got painted. The last card. Maybe my favorite card, or at least the court I would choose to be. And today I scanned, cropped, and bordered the rest of the court cards. And overindulged in a bit of time travel and other things, and went back through the memory palace of the courts.

Do you remember the Nox et Lux versions? They look different in color. Here are the parental units of Fire:

bordered color Knight of Wands    bordered color Queen of Wands

Here are the Fire kiddos:

bordered color Prince of Wands    bordered color Princess of Wands

I’m actually feeling rather bereft that all the cards are done, because it was SO MUCH FUN working with the Golden Dawn color scales. Seriously, that may be my favorite part. The minor small cards especially, has such varied and specific colors, as they had the colors of both their zodiacal and planetary majors, plus a color for the sephira of their world. The Majors also were dealing with specific colors, but more limited in number, and the courts are mostly using elemental colors, with some introduction of influences from their minor or sephira occasionally.

So all the cards are painted! Except for redoing the card backs, and making the secret zodiacal cards, and constructing the boxes, and whatnot, it is done.

bordered color Knight of Cups     bordered color Prince of Cups

bordered color Knight of Swords     bordered color Queen of Swords

bordered color Queen of Disks      bordered color Princess of Disks

3 thoughts on “Impossible reinheitsgebot astronaut day

  1. I didn’t even need beer…just spending time with the images of these cards carried me into a different time. Tarot as magic carpet.

    (But now beer sounds like a good idea.)

  2. Every one of your card scenes make me want to jump in and explore all the beautiful wonders in each card; from the subtle to bold colors, the symbolic references, faces and expressions, the surrounding movement, implied or not.

    Makes me wonder if this wasn’t a past life with the feeling that comes over me gazing at each card.

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