New printing of Book M with color inserts!

If you have been procrastinating and haven’t yet bought Book M: Liber Mundi, well, procrastinating paid off. I had to get a few more printed and so this time, added some color inserts, just like in the Book of Seshet! So for the same price, now there are color pages. What’s more, the covers are now much better! I was never happy with the old covers, as they had some printing flaws and overall just showed wear and tear and fingerprints far too easy. This new printing has glossy laminated covers, nearly indestructible compared to the old version. So if your old copy is getting dog-eared, there is a better one available! For a limited time you can use coupon code NEWBOOKM for $5 off the new printing. And if you just love a bargain, I’m selling off the remaining copies of the old version, without the color insert at half price, while they last.

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