Leap Year: A Unicorn sighting

February 29th. Leap Day. Here we go, at midnight, or thereabouts.  This post is as rare as a unicorn. As it should be.

Warning: this post is brought to you by Neptune on the day-out-of-time. Yes it is out there, and that is the point. Happy Leap Day!

One would think, with the name “Leap Day” that there was an association with the Fool, taking the cosmic leap into the void. And there is, but it isn’t what you normally would associate time of the year wise with the Fool as the Zero. But leap day is a day out of time, and a zero, or a portal, it is. And also an eleven. (Can’t help but think 0=2)

Speaking of zero, the null, here you go for Leap Day:

Tabula Mundi Fool for web page

Fool card from Tabula Mundi Tarot © 2011-2016

What a great name. Leap Day. How evocative. Once every four years, take a leap to catch up. Or get back behind, I forget which. But it is in a weird way a form of time travel, if you consider time as a concept and that concepts are elastic.

So here we are.

Where is that exactly? It is a valid question. What can we say about Leap Day, from another perspective?

It falls on February 29th. Within the first decan of the sign of Pisces. But wait a minute – it falls in the last degree of the first decan of the last sign. Wait what? You heard it, the last of the first of the last. That leads to the first of the next which leads to the one after. Which is the very last. Say that four times fast. Wait what? Yes. Leap Day, the hidden door within Pisces; it must be a gate.

Years divisible by four. Years divisible by 100 but not 400 will not contain a leap day. Koph (100) the Universe (400). Daleth (4) the Door. The Door – the portal.

Don’t underestimate the four.

Leap day transitions us from the first decan of Pisces to the middle decan. In tarot terms that is from Indolence to Happiness.

As an aside, based on a limited data sample and the law of averages, under current conditions, I can create a tarot deck roughly every four years. The Rosetta took around three-and-a-half years while the full color edition of Tabula Mundi will be around four-and-a-half. Thus an average four year creation cycle. And another fun factoid: I finished the last of the decanic cards, the day before leap day. Make of it what you will.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

Where were we? Oh yeah, from Indolence to Happiness. I’ll take it – nevermind what is behind the curtain.

But what else are we dealing with on this year’s particular Leap Day. I’m glad you asked – someone had to. The Sun will also conjunct Neptune, the nebulous one, ruler of Pisces.

Leap Day, the last day of the first decan of the last sign, which is Pisces, the Sun who determines the decans, is exactly conjunct the ruler of the sign Pisces.

Leap Day, the day-out-of-time, is last-first-last (and what comes next but first?)

So let us look at the last sign, its beginning and ending and the all elusive between times.

The last sign of the zodiac in this case is Pisces, the fishes.

In the tarot, the Moon card corresponds to Pisces.

bordered Moon for web

The Moon from Tabula Mundi Tarot © 2011-2016

What are the decans of Pisces? The Eight, Nine and Ten of Cups. Indolence. Happiness. Satiety. The Sun’s journey through Pisces. The passage through the gates of horn and ivory.

On Leap Day, we move from Indolence to Happiness. From Hod to Yesod. Hod to Yesod is the Path of the Sun, in this case it is in the world of Briah. Because the Sun card of Tabula Mundi is one I have refrained from posting, here below is a picture of the Sun card from the Rosetta:

The Sun

The Sun from the Rosetta Tarot, © 2011 M. M. Meleen

So we move from Indolence to Happiness via the path of the Sun. Or vice versa.

As mentioned, the decans of Pisces are the Eight, Nine, and Ten of Cups.

bordered color 8 of Cups  bordered color 9 of Cups small  bordered color 10 of Cups small

The decan cards of Pisces from Tabula Mundi Tarot: the Eight, Nine and Ten of Cups © M.M. Meleen 2014-2016

So back to the astrology of 2016 Leap Day. We have the Sun moving out of the first decan of the last sign. And this year, conjunct the ruler of the last sign, the nebulous one of glamour.

What is perfect for Leap Day? Sigil magic. Which is just defining the Will and setting it forth in a null environment. An Adjustment to the infinite.  8/11 is the lemniscate.


How many snakes are in Tabula Mundi? Tell me the number with explanation and win a prize. It will be a good prize. But you have to show your work and mention one thing from this post, or wherever you first saw the question. You can probably guess what number the current total is divisible by. But maybe you will find more snakes than I have, who knows?

You may indeed be wondering what  I’m talking about. Lets step back to the lemniscate.

The lemniscate is a symbol that combines 8 and 11, yes. Adjustment and Lust. The alphabet of desire. Or sigils. And all you need is 8 and 11 – or zero and one, two zeros and two ones actually but…they cancel each other out.

In the variety of the One fourfold and infinite, there is beauty.

Earth symbol cropped


This covers everything. But One can still make more complex sigils, just because.




















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