Little books for the decks

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The countdown is on until Tabula Mundi tarot launches and after writing in a concentrated stretch the books are written and the first batch is printed. Today I spent some time making some deluxe ones, that will be available for the first group of deck buyers for the boxed sets. These have lots of special touches: covers made of beautiful artisan paper, tissue end papers, fancy inner and outer spines, etc. I love making these but doubt I will make too many! In this case my tendency to lust after and hoard beautiful paper paid off, as I had enough to make a few of these for the launch Monday night.

Some are one of a kind as I only had a small piece of that paper. Most are unique, a couple there may be two or three that are similar in design.

There will also be little books that don’t have fancy covers, just the normal little white books one usually gets with a deck, and whether or not there is a cover on it, I hope you find them interesting to read.

The books are about 4×5.5 inches and there is one full page for each card.

Tabula Mundi LWB books

book inner covertabula mundi book in box

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