The Rod

The Tower in my new tarot deck-in-progress (Pharos Tarot) is called The Rod. Yep, that’s what she said.

Seriously though, in this case it’s referring to the lightning rod. Every lighthouse has one. The (Lightning) Rod, by definition “attracts powerful, typically negative feelings and reactions, thereby diverting interest from other issues.” Fair enough description of the Tower, as well as having connotations of something harsh that is corrective.

This is the second version of this card I’ve done. Finished on Tuesday, Mars Day, of course. The same drawing as the first version, but I repainted it as I wasn’t happy with the colors in the first painting. They were too dark, and this is all about the lightning flash. This version is much brighter, especially in person. Still may redo it with a whole new design though.

The Golden Dawn color scales for this one were hard to work with: Scarlet, Red, Venetian Red, and Red rayed Emerald and Azure. So basically all reds slashed with brilliant emerald and azure. I added a little yellow for the flames, but pretty much stuck to the tarot color scale. Scarlet and red sky and flames, Venetian Red was perfect for crumbling bricks, and the serpent, lightning, and dove’s trail make for some red-rayed-azure-and-emerald action.

2 thoughts on “The Rod

  1. Awesome, this card gives the deck so far its mystical, mythical touch, which is so welcoming by the time the tower comes. What an amazing (an unusual) contrast to traditional cards!

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