New deck update: Libra through early Sagittarius

Hello, and happy Sagittarius season to all fellow Sag. Work continues! Just wanted to share a few of the latest cards on my new deck (in progress since 2020!)

Here are a few I haven’t yet shared:

Two of Swords, first decan of Libra © M.M. Meleen

The 777 description for the Two of Swords, Peace. First decan face of Libra “A dark man, in his right hand a spear and laurel branch and in his left a book“. The decan is ruled by the Moon.

You can’t really tell in the scan, but in the original I had fun painting the sandy beach – I mixed coarse iridescent stainless steel paint with a buff colored paint, and it really looks like glittering gritty sand in the original.

Adjustment © M.M. Meleen

Major Arcana for Libra. Description per 777: “A conventional figure of Justice with scales and balances“. My favorite part of this one is how the floor deign extends and is seen behind the curtain, sort of as it it is extending out into the air – echoes of the Fool, Adjustment’s esoteric partner.

Four of Swords, third decan of Libra ©M.M. Meleen

The 777 description for the Four of Swords, Truce. Third decan face of Libra “A man riding on an ass, preceded by a wolf“. The decan and the 4th sephira are both ruled by Jupiter – double Jupiter, thus the two wheels, one of which is a gyroscope for the balance of Libra. Coloring that background was time consuming, getting that gradation of purples with colored pencil.

I think I’ve already shared the other Libra cards in a previous post.

Now for a selection of Scorpio cards:

Death © M.M. Meleen

Major Arcana for Scorpio. Description per 777: “A skeleton with a scythe mowing men. The scythe handle is a Tau.” Scorpio is ruled by Mars, thus the action of cutting. The Tau is a reference to the Universe card (Saturn, who also wields a scythe) and the idea of an end point in a cycle. Mars shines in the sky above (note the reddish tint).

Five of Cups, first decan of Scorpio

Five of Cups, Disappointment. First face of Scorpio description per 777: “A man with a lance in his right hand, in his left a human head“. The decan is ruled by Mars, as is the sign – and the 5th sephira! Triple Mars! This is one of the five rivers of Hell.

all right…time to skip one Scorpio card, for the sake of not posting all of them…so moving on to the Seven.

Seven of Cups, third decan of Scorpio

Seven of Cups, Debauch. Third face of Scorpio description per 777: “A horse and a wolf” (one of the few without people!) The decan is ruled by Venus, as is the 7th sephira (double Venus): note each of the Cups contains something Venusian as well as Scorpionic.

Prince of Cups, court card for Scorpio © M.M. Meleen

The Prince of Cups is the Air of Water card. I followed the Book T/Liber Theta description – to the T.

Onward to Sagittarius! The only one done so far is the Eight of Wands:

Eight of Wands, first decan of Sagittarius

Eight of Wands, Swiftness. First face of Sagittarius description per 777: “A man with three bodies: one black, one red, and one white” The decan is ruled by Mercury, as is the 8th sephira (double Mercury), while the sign is ruled by Jupiter. A very strange description that could be interpreted many ways. Since the card combines Sagittarius (Art) with Mercury (Magus), I went with the alchemical.

Whats on my work bench now? Right now, three cards. The Nine of Wands, for this current time of the middle decan of Sagittarius. Also, the Knight of Wands, the court card for Sagittarius. And of course the Art/Temperance card, the major arcana for Sagittarius.

Still a lot of work to do on this one! One of my favorites, Art/Temperance!

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18 thoughts on “New deck update: Libra through early Sagittarius

  1. I am definitely impatient to discover this new deck and your interpretation of the symbolism of the cards. I consider all your tarot as a masterpiece. In France, there is not a lot of books on Thoth Tarot. Book of Seshet was instructive, Liber Mundi was incredible, as Tarot Deciphered.

    I am definitely impatient to discover another interpretation of Thoth tarot in your next deck. Pictures and symbolism both looks amazing !

  2. Temperance is my favourite card too and I have to say how beautiful already

    I have only recently found you and appreciate the depth of research that is translated in each and every card – I have just ordered Tabula Mundi and feel sure this deck is going to be on my wish list – truly inspirational thank you

    1. Thank you! I’ll post the completed Temperance/Art soon. Working my way through the color versions of all the Aquarius cards now. Onward!

    1. Hi Dana! Thanks so much! I meant to do an end-of-year update to show the rest of the Sagittarius cards but time slipped away. Coming soon though, along with a few Capricorn cards. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the share…you’ve truly brought the wolf & horse to life. Not to mention the humble ass. Tho I admit the river of fire strikes me as fierce.
    May the finalizing go smoothly.

  4. These cards are absolutely gorgeous! I have your first two in full size as well as in minima but this is by far the best.

    1. Thank you so much! I endeavor to improve each time but I don’t think it happens in a linear way. So glad to hear you think so!

  5. Hi there hope you and yours are safe and cozy. I’m loving your art work!! The gouache gives a real depth and strength to the images. Once they’re down on paper- they are Alive. I also compliment you on not having cartoonish imagery, which is everywhere in tarot unfortunately. This is a serious contribution to to canon of Tarot &magic. Crowley would be proud!

    1. I love gouache! Thank you; I too think life comes into the image at some point.But it’s funny; while I know what you mean about cartoonish tarot images I also sometimes call these my “esoteric cartoons” as compared to, like, fine art.

  6. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I am really looking forward to buying a deck in 2024! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

    Also love that picture of Jerry Garcia in the newsletter. He has been an inspiration to me in music from the beginning. Now, you have inspired me to an idea in song writing. I will share it with you soon.

  7. Quite simply beautiful. I am looking forward to the completed project. Well done on those you have completed and good luck and well wishes going forward.

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