The Enclosure

from Pharos Tarot, in progress:

In Pharos Tarot the Chariot is called The Enclosure, that protective wall or fence, for the corresponding Hebrew letter Cheth, meaning fence. Lighthouses often have an enclosure: a  wall surrounding and enclosing the base to protect it from waves. The armored Charioteer both guards and transports the treasured pearl.

This image is in homage to the Thoth tarot Chariot card. (And LoTR.)

One thought on “The Enclosure

  1. I have been looking at your Pharos Tarot again and have come to the conclusion that the decision on border or not to border is a no win situation. After taking a closer look at the images on your website I find I can’t make that decision for myself one way or the other. And so I’ve decided the hell with it. Why settle for one or the other? They both have their pro’s and con’s. The obvious and best solution is to publish two versions of this deck – with borders and without borders. If this deck is in fact available in both versions I will purchase both. And I think most people will do the same.
    As shown on your site:
    with borders and the traditional title at the bottom with the associated symbols.
    without borders and your title at the bottom.

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