The Spiral

from Pharos Tarot, a new deck in progress:

The Strength card in Thoth is called Lust. The Lust card in Pharos is called The Spiral. The Spiral corresponds to the spiral ramp or staircase that is a part of every lighthouse. The sign is Leo and the Hebrew letter is Teth, meaning “lion-serpent” or serpent.

There are two versions of the card. One is rated PG, the other I guess is R for nudity.

4 thoughts on “The Spiral

  1. I’d love her best naked. For me the clothing, even though is symbolic, takes away the rawness of lust. Such a gorgeous representation! I hope you do BOTH, borders and borderless. Would especially love the alternate titles in the borderless and split about the standard or alternative titles on the borders version so I’d be happy with either! YES! I’ll BUY BOTH IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS DECK BOTH WAYS.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing. Possibly my favorite so far. I love everything about it: the way you approached the idea of this card, the lion into the serpent into the railing of the spiral staircase running up the Tower. The things you’ve talked about in this card before with kundalini energy and the goddess and the grail all shine here. It’s beautiful too. — That’s a stunner!

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