The Walk

Death in the tarot Pharos is called The Walk. No, not for “a long walk off of a short pier”. It’s called the Walk as short for the Widow’s Walk. The Widow’s Walk is the part of a lighthouse outside of the lantern, an enclosed catwalk from which wives could look out to sea during […]

The Lens

The Devil in Pharos Tarot is called the Lens. It’s the eye of the Lighthouse, gathering and focusing the light. That beautiful glow is what I call a watercolor miracle. No other medium can capture light effects like it. Also, Phallus…of…Light! (said like “Pigs!In!Space!) Sorry but the muse likes to poke fun at me…it’s actually […]

The Lantern

And now for a very strange Hermit, in Pharos Tarot he is called the Lantern. I know he is odd, an odd Yod, but so be it. Yes, it certainly is Gandalf. Yes, he is a Yod, growing out of a seed inside a glowing egg that is the light inside a lantern cage. The […]

The Rod

The Tower in Pharos Tarot is called The Rod. Yep, that’s what she said. Seriously though, in this case it’s referring to the lightning rod. Every lighthouse has one. The (Lightning) Rod, by definition “attracts powerful, typically negative feelings and reactions, thereby diverting interest from other issues.” Fair enough description of the Tower, as well […]

The Stanchion

The Hierophant’s Hebrew letter Vav means “nail”. In Pharos Tarot the Hierophant is called The Stanchion, which is a vertical pin or post that provides support. It affixes the Lighthouse to the rock. The Stanchion is conductive, bringing the Fool’s fire from heaven down the Pillar of Mercy, from Wisdom (Chokmah) to Mercy (Chesed) and […]

The Arc

The card known as Temperance or as Art in the Thoth deck, is called The Arc in Pharos Tarot. The title refers both to the Arc of the rainbow, the Ark of the covenant, and to something called “the Arc of Visibility”. That’s a nautical term that refers to the portion of the horizon over […]