36 Airs of the Zodiac clarification

So, weirdly, recently two different people emailed me asking some version of the question “where can I get the “book” 36 Airs of the Zodiac, that I have referenced in posts about the new deck. So I wanted to clarify.

It’s not a book but a fragment of a Hellenistic text, only known through being mentioned or referenced by other ancient authors after the fact.

You can find the list of the gods for each decan in the Wiki article about decans though, under the column labeled as attributed to “Cosmas” and it is listed as an appendix table in the modern work 36 Faces (great book by Austin Coppock) as well. Unfortunately, though he has a bibliography he doesn’t footnote or endnote his sources so you have to guess.

The Wiki Cosmas reference (aka Kosmas, an ancient hymnographer) attribution comes from a German text on the decans and after doing my own research I found that Coppock’s reference comes from ancient text translations from Robert Schmidt’s Project Hindsight – which by the way is an amazing astrology resource.

Fortunately, the Project Hindsight texts Coppock references can be found freely on the internet. Search them out if you have a few hours to lose reading them. LOL seriously I spent many hours combing all this stuff and found it all which I will share more when I have time to drill down but I found it so you can too! I’ve already given you enough hints if you are motivated to find this stuff too. It’s not going to all pop up on an internet search of “36 Airs of the Decans”, you have to work for it.

If you can read German, the German text the Wiki article references DEKANE UND DEKANSTERNBILDER by Wilhelm Gundel is also freely available on the internet. Though it is in German it has some awesome tables in it. I wish there was an English translation but have not found it.

Update: It appears that the Project Hindsight domain was stolen, and the real site owners have moved the information. Please see https://www.robertschmidtastrology.com/ for more info.

3 thoughts on “36 Airs of the Zodiac clarification

  1. Unfortunately, ‘The 36 Faces’ has not been available for quite a while. I would be very grateful if you could share the titles of the Project Hindsight translations you are referencing.

    1. I think the author has said there will be a new edition of 36 Faces at some point; it has been in the works for a while so hopefully soon. I’ll have to look up the Project Hindsight titles but I believe they were all on the “Greek Track” series, there are several. I think mostly on the “Greek Track” series.

  2. Mercury in Virgo is the perfect time to go into this rabbit hole! Thank you for this clarification 🙂

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