Ode to the Parsnip

Ode to the Parsnip, aka I Dig A Parsnip How doth the humble parsnip root Improve our Spring morale How sweet to eat a thawed out fruit Dug from one’s own locale   How patiently he seems to wait How silent, bides his time He passes twice thru Nick’s own gate Before he makes the […]

March 20 and The Equinox of the Gods

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. March 20th is the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, and no matter which hemisphere you reside in, it is a turning point. Each of the Cardinal signs begins at one of these four hinge points that turn the wheel of the year. The term “cardinal” […]

Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast, and a few selected T-shirts

Fortune’s Wheelhouse: a podcast about esoterics and the tarot Check out Fortune’s Wheelhouse, a podcast about esoteric tarot – and though I’m more than a little introverted I actually agreed to cohost it with my friend and fellow Tarotista Susie Chang. We have done episodes on all 22 of the Major Arcana, comparing the symbols in the Rider […]


These are specialty dice, put together for a reason. Tarotdice! With these, in one roll you can randomly generate any of the 78 tarot cards. Take your dice instead of your deck, and no one will know you are practicing divination. I have a few sets of these for sale. I didn’t really intend to […]

Pocket size Tabula Mundi Tarot poll

I’ve been getting requests for a pocket size version of Tabula Mundi Tarot occasionally. Being a fan of small, portable decks myself, well, I’d love to accommodate that request so that I can have one. But I’d like your input on size, and on container type. Let’s start with size. On left is the standard […]