Fortunes Wheelhouse podcast final episode

Update from the Wheelhouse:

Hello everybody. We have arrived at a major threshold in our journey together. If you are on the Fortune’s Wheelhouse Academy Facebook page, you may have already heard the news that we have decided the podcast has come to the end of its natural lifespan. The last episode was recorded this past full moon, fittingly, and will be released on the Equinox, 9/22/2021.

After we completed the 78 cards, plus the planetary, numeric, zodiacal, and elemental series, we spent some time trying to decide whether there was another system it made sense to take on, and ultimately we concluded there was not.  And for each of us to continue growing and creating in the tarot world, we needed to reclaim the time demanded by the podcast.So we decided to record one final episode. (I’d thought jokingly of going out with a bang and doing an all-phallic-symbols episode, which would have been fun.) But in the end we thought, why not do readings for each other? We’ve read for many of you patrons over the years. But neither of us gets readings for ourselves very often.  So giving the gift of divination to each other seemed like a fitting end to this 4-year adventure.

Going forward, all 120 episodes of the podcast will remain freely available on all podcast streaming services, for anyone to refer to whenever they like. Our books and decks will still be out there. You’ll still be able to find me here at and Susie at  You’ll still be able to buy Fortune’s Wheelhouse merchandise at our RedBubble store, which is at, and this will help fund the fees for keeping the podcast episodes still available to all. And everyone is still free to join the FWA group on Facebook.

Thank you to the over 300 of you who supported the journey with patronage via our Fortunes Wheelhouse Patreon page, for being our heroes of the astral world, and thank you to all who came along for a listen. After all, a podcast only exists for its listeners. By going on this journey through esoteric tarot with us and sharing it with others and incorporating it into your own praxis, you complete the circuit of knowledge Fortune’s Wheelhouse represents.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.

At the end of this episode, there will be some final notes on what each of us is up to. But for now, enjoy this last ride on the Wheel as we invite you enter into the draw with us.

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