Leo 2: second decan of Leo, Six of Wands

The tarot Six of Wands is the Lord of Victory, the succedent or middle decan of the fixed Fire sign Leo. 777 describes the decan image as “A man crowned with a white myrtle wreath, holding a bow“.

The Picatrix decan description is similar, with the additional detail that this is a man who will mount and ride [a horse].

36 Airs of the Zodiac give the related deity as Isis, the goddess who wears a crown that has what looks like the pictogram of a figure seated on a throne. It is shown here in the card on the hill in the distance that the figure rides towards.

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2 thoughts on “Leo 2: second decan of Leo, Six of Wands

  1. hello MM; i haven’t tried this in some time, please let me know if you get this message.
    Truth is, i’ve been using your cards, name and quoting your book in a Facebook group, Mindful Tarot, (#dropm78) for a couple weeks now. i jest wanted you to know that it is all done with all the respect and good humor i can bring to the table. The folk seem to appreciate it and i know i am coasting on the beauty of the Tabula Mundi most of the time. For me the joy in is the restudying of the cards and the playing with words.
    i will miss Fortune’s Wheelhouse Podcast, i look forward to relistening to it in its entirety.
    Mz M. i have enjoyed all your works and of course follow your latest, though i confess it pains me, as i prefer a deck in completed form, a composition of sorts, like Holst’s Planets each movement complete; together a thing of awe.
    Well Shatner’s gone to and returned from space, something to contemplate, so i’ll jest say that i’ll tribble you no further. ww

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