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The Pharos Tarot was named after the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Someone has wondered why the Pharos Tarot Majors decks editions were released in such odd numbers. All are editions of less than 300, not to be repeated. But there are reasons for the numbers chosen for each edition.

  • Pharos Tarot borderless edition is only 247 copies. The completely borderless edition has alternate titles only and is named Ad lucem, meaning “to the Light”. In the Sepher Sephiroth at the back of this edition of Crowley’s 777, the number 247 has under its listed Hebrew letter gematria-derived meanings one that reads “A light”.
  • Pharos Tarot bordered edition is only 273 copies. This edition has cream colored borders like Tabula Mundi, with both traditional (Thoth based tarot) titles and Pharos alternate titles, along with attribution symbols. This edition is called Lux occultatum, “the hidden light” (because some of the light is hidden by the borders). The number 273 in the Sepher Sephiroth has a correspondence to the Hebrew letters of “The Hidden Light”.
  • Pharos Tarot has a third version of 231 copies with bottom borders only, with black bottom borders and alternate titles in the colors of the Golden Dawn color scales. This edition is called Fiat Lux. This means “let there be light” (and was the magical motto of Crowley’s Golden Dawn associate and friend Allan Bennett). “Let there be light” written in Hebrew letters has the gematria equivalent of 231 in the Sepher Sephiroth.

So there you have it, in case you were wondering. These extra large Majors only decks are limited to only these editions and won’t be repeated. You can see most of the cards here and purchase them here. There is also a limited edition paperback describing each card that is also available for Kindle or other e-book formats. This book not only describes the Lighthouse terminology each major is assigned to, but is also an in depth look at the Golden Dawn Color Scales.

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