The debut of Pharos Tarot

UPDATE August 2019: The page previously linked here below is temporarily password protected, as I am in process of redoing several of the cards. You can see some of the original cards in the regular posts, beginning with the previous post titled, “It begins with The Sea”.

Pharos Tarot has been given it’s very own page, with a link at the header of the website. Future posts on the deck will be consolidated there as the cards are revealed. Please check there, for new expanded information on the first card revealed (the Hanged Man), and for an overview of the concept of this deck.

As we go through the journey of the Major Arcana, these individual posts on each card will be added to the link above, making the information easier to find in one place as we travel.

You can follow along one episode at a time, with the individual card posts, or see them as a collection of posts on the summary Pharos tab above.

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