It begins with the Sea…

This is the first card I chose to post for Pharos Tarot, a new tarot journey and deck in progress.

I thought it should start by showing a Mother letter, as after all everything comes from them. Since this is a journey of water, I thought the Hanged Man is a good place to start. I call this card The Sea, where it begins.

The Hanged Man is Mem, one of the three Mother letters, corresponding to water. Pharos Tarot is a watercolor deck, and watercolor is all about the interplay of water, pigment, and light. One could say even that as a medium it best describes the elemental journey. It certainly involves water, and fire (light) but also air as it dries and earth in the form of pigment.

This deck is about my exploration of the medium of watercolor. It felt like the medium that would be best for this deck, as it is also an exploration of color, and watercolors are known for their luminous quality as light plays through their transparency. Watercolor is a medium I’ve never used much before, so it is very new to me and it is extremely challenging. I wanted an artistic challenge. But that means making a lot of mistakes. I have a lot of cards done, almost all the Majors, but several of them are going to be redone, as along the way the seas have been rough. I’m learning to ride the waves.

More to follow…ever onward.

13 thoughts on “It begins with the Sea…

  1. BEAUTIFUl! and so very Timely –
    1st vision of The Suspended Man. In the year of same: 2019, 2+0+1+9 =12 (XII) the number ascribed often to Mem

  2. OMG I’m so excited! That is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them all! “A journey of the water”, I’m a Marine biologist lol, loved it!

  3. Exciting to see the start of this new journey! The interweaving of light and color shimmer through the extraordinarily original interweaving of symbolic forms. “The Sea” is an image I can look at again and again. It entrances eye & psyche.

  4. I certainly can’t tell it’s a new medium for you from this. It’s beautiful. Also love Pharos for the title and the gorgeous use of GD color scales.

    (I started a thread at, but of course you can always post your own more ‘official’ thread. πŸ™‚

  5. I was literally thinking about your latest deck last night and wondering when you might update us on your progress and here it is today. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. Fascinating! Set your art free.
    Mem is the natural place for you to start – your name is filled with it πŸ˜‰
    מם מם ΧžΧœΧ™ΧŸ

    Best wishes from Nemia

      1. Ha! I thought you were a woman! Hope this is not in-apropos but I learned something about myself. Subconsciously flirty with all women. I apologize for any emoji that would be considered flirty.?

        1. Hey I am a woman – maybe some confusion as I also am MMM, and the MMM who commented below is a man. LOL either way no offense taken, flirting is fun. πŸ™‚

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