New Aces – Ace of Swords

Hope those of you in the states are enjoying the aftermath of the Thanksgiving holiday, and hope all everywhere around the world are taking in this weekend’s good energy. Lots of planets are in air and fire! I for one like that, being a Sagittarius with lots of Aquarian influence. My birthday is coming up. December the 6th – the day Santa Claus died (joke?). Really though, the day St. Nicholas died, his feast day. In honor of St. Nick, and Sagittarius, check out this ornament – it is seriously funny:


It is an Archie McFee  tchotchke. I don’t know much about the company except it also makes an ornament of a Unicorn in lederhosen and many other random and utterly useless but oddly compelling things.

I am little behind my own self imposed schedule, but making progress, so I feel good about it considering how much else has to get done all the time, no matter the season.

Or doesn’t have to get done. It has to get sacrificed or just set aside. I am fortunate to be able mentally to not get obsessed with doing everything. Selection, prioritization, discipline and discernment.

I made up a family motto:

“Don’t worry about what you didn’t do. Worry about what you will do. (Or might do.)”

Someday I will make a family heraldic crest to go with it. Will probably have a hops and flower and grapevine motif, haha.

So all my time off, holidays, weekends, vacation days, etc. I spend as many hours as possible to finish Tabula Mundi, whether it is study, research, drawing or painting. I can’t not do it, and each hour is precious and should be spent in pursuit of the Great Work. I’m doing what I will.

Per Book 4, Chapter VIII:

“The pommel of the Sword is in Daath, the guard extends to Chesed and Geburah; the point is in Malkuth…

…”He shall await the sword of the beloved and bare his throat for the stroke.” In the throat is Daath – the throne of Ruach. Daath is knowledge. This final destruction opens the gate of the City of the Pyramids.”

from Book of Thoth:”The Ruach is centered in the airy Sephira, Tiphareth, who is the Son, the first born of the Father, and the Sun, the first emanation of the creative Phallus. He derives directly from his mother Binah through the path of Zain, the sublime intuitive sense, so that he partakes absolutely of the nature of the nature of Neschamah. From his father, Chokmah, he is informed though the Path of Heh’, the Great Mother, the Star, our Lady Nuit, so that the creative impulse is communicated to him by all possibilities soever. [How strikingly this fact confirms the counterchange of IV and XVII, above fully expounded: as a link between Chokmah and Tiphareth, the Emperor would have no great significance, and this exquisite doctrine of the Three Mothers would be lost.]

Finally, from Kether, the supreme, descends directly upon him, though the Path of Gimel, the High Priestess, the triune light of Initiation. The Three- in-One, the Secret Mother in her polymorphous plenitude; these, these alone, hail him thrice blessed of the Supernals!
The card represents the Sword of the Magus (see Book 4, Part II) crowned with the twenty-two rayed diadem of pure Light. The number refers to the Atu; also 22=2 X II, the Magical manifestation of Chokmah, Wisdom, the Logos. Upon the blade, accordingly, is inscribed the Word of the Law, This Word sends forth a blaze of Light, dispersing the dark clouds of the Mind.”

From Magick in Theory and Practice:

“In consecrating a weapon, Aleph is the whirling force of the thunderbolt, the lightning which flameth out of the East even into the West. This is the gift of the wielding of the thunderbolt of Zeus or Indra, the God of Air. Lamed is the Ox-Goad, the driving force; and it is also the Balance, representing the truth and love of the Magician. It is the loving care which he bestows upon perfecting his instruments, and the equilibration of that fierce force which initiates the ceremony.”

So on that note, here is the black and white version of the Tabula Mundi Ace of Swords.

New Ace of Swords BW Tabula Mundi
Ace of Swords copyright 2014 M.M. Meleen

And here it is in color:

New Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords copyright 2014 M.M. Meleen



2 thoughts on “New Aces – Ace of Swords

    1. Okay, now I can’t wait for the rest of the deck. Wow, these are beautiful.
      BTW I treasure the two (B&W & Color) Majors I received, and I absolutely love my Rosetta Deck too! Sooooo, keep on keeping on. { : – ) You amaze me. Take time to enjoy the Holidays MM.

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