POLL: Which Major Arcana card of my new deck do you MOST want to see?

I hope to show you some new work, both finished and in progress. But since I might not want to show them ALL, let me know what you would most like to see. You can only vote once but you can pick up to three – because I know choosing one is too hard! This is for a new deck I’m working on. I’m working on more than one! But this one is the farthest along and so I am focusing on it to finish at least the Majors first.

Poll is open until June 22, 2018. After it closes, there will be a showing.

Update: More about that, and some results analysis, now shown here.

7 thoughts on “POLL: Which Major Arcana card of my new deck do you MOST want to see?

  1. You…your incredible creativity and your devotion keep me inspired to push on and gather all the knowledge of life that I can. Just your works alone are enough to guide mankind ! There’s just no words that can express my love and gratitude towards you. I pray to meet you one day! I’m sure I will faint ?❣️
    ?? I’m beginning a new phase of life…crossing a new threshold and I’m so happy to have your decks to lead the way! I’ll be ready to preorder as soon as you unleash the news!
    Thank you!
    Melissa M ?♥️?

  2. This is wonderful news. You are very wonderful and mysterious to me. I have now more than 200 Tarot decks—your Tabula Mundi is the deck I keep with me even though I’m in the middle of moving house. All others are now packed. It will be this way for about 6 months so I will spend lots of time with the cards and book.

    You are so complex and amazing that I feel this deck will be a lifetime of learning and delightful ness.

    I want mostly to see the Empress because something about her face in Tabula Mundi gives me pause. She’s deeply beautiful and powerful. And novel. I am excited about a new even two new decks.

    My art instructor told me artists should always have at least 3 pieces going. I thought that was insane but as my painting practice has grown I’ve found she’s not far off on that. I have 7 going right now. One or more inform the other(s). They seem to all be teachers of some kind. They’re all gifts.

    Thank you for sharing your whip-smart intelligence and amazing artistic capacity! You are a treasure. Can’t wait to see your the Queens too!

    1. I know, I have two started and two more in the “idea” phase. I had to get real and just focus on ONE just so something would have a chance of getting DONE! But the others will follow, if I live long enough to finish them all! And they are all very, very different from each other.

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