Progress: through the Princesses

So thought I’d post a progress update on the new deck. I’ve really been going at it, making good time through the courts, and in spite of the fast pace I am so happy with every single one of them. I think they are my best courts yet. And now, I’m done with all of them, and all the courts, and thus all the people cards, which in this deck has been most of them! All that is left to draw are the Aces, and then I can start painting with COLOR! Hurrah for color, it’s coming soon, finally! As soon as I get the Aces done at least.

I just can’t wait to see them transform with the color application. But the designs are all I hoped for, and every one of them correctly follows the Book T description practically to the letter. She’s a bit more covered up and less martial than her sisters, due to the specified “mantle of sheepskin” instead of the precise configuration of armor and attire (or lack of) per the others. Does she convey, as suggested, “Hebe (goddess of youth), Ceres (goddess of earth and growth), and Proserpine (aka Persephone)”? I think so. It will be easier to tell in color, that this is the point in spring when the grasses sprout and flower bulbs bloom and peek out from the newly melted snow.

Here is Miss Disks herself, the Princess of the Echoing Hills, the Rose of the Palace of Earth, the priceless priestess of Pentacles, the Princess of Disks:

[coming soon]

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