These are specialty dice, put together for a reason. Tarotdice! With these, in one roll you can randomly generate any of the 78 tarot cards. Take your dice instead of your deck, and no one will know you are practicing divination.

I have a few sets of these for sale. I didn’t really intend to make them to sell, but bought a bunch of dice to play with, so now I have some extra sets of these that I’ll sell at cost. Get a set while they last! All the work is done for you, and the elemental pyramid dice are hand painted with enamel. I even wrote up instructions and ways to use, but I bet you don’t need them. They come in a tin, but you can just put them in your pocket, or get a little tiny bag for them.

I was messing around, trying to figure out how to generate any Tarot card with a roll of dice, in an easy way with no counting or memorization required, and came up with this system. With these dice, you can see at a single glance which card you rolled. You can probably figure out how they work, but they come with complete instructions.

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