Fortune’s Wheelhouse podcast, and a few selected T-shirts

Fortune’s Wheelhouse: a podcast about esoterics and the tarot

Check out Fortune’s Wheelhouse, a podcast about esoteric tarot – and though I’m more than a little introverted I actually agreed to cohost it with my friend and fellow Tarotista Susie Chang. We have done episodes on all 22 of the Major Arcana, comparing the symbols in the Rider Waite Smith to the Thoth deck, and we even bring in the Tabula Mundi sometimes in the Majors episodes. Now due to popular request, we are doing all of the Minor Arcana too, and this time we are comparing Rider Waite Smith to the Thoth to the Tabula Mundi minors too in every episode! We just finished the Six of Wands, and on Valentine’s Day the Seven of Wands will be released for subscribers (and for everyone, the day after.) Don’t worry if you have not been listening all along. The content is there, you can listen to any episode at your leisure, and refer to them again and again. You won’t believe how much you can learn about a single card.

It’s FREE via iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher and it is available through all other podcast places….you can listen FREE or decide to subscribe via Patreon .

If you choose to subscribe via Patreon, it is only a small contribution of your choice per episode, and you not only get access to free content, but automatically are entered in our once a week episode give aways! Even if you don’t want to subscribe, there is some FREE educational content not locked, and available to all, on the Patreon page, so check it out. Or just listen free via iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher or anyplace you get podcast content.

You could be entered to win all sorts of things, like the Tabula Mundi or Rosetta Tarot decks, matted art prints, posters, or T-shirts. You can also get Fortune’s Wheelhouse tee shirts, featuring several card designs from Tabula Mundi here at RedBubble. Right now, the Fortune’s Wheelhouse tees come in several options: The Fool, The Magus, The Chariot, or Fortune. Each comes in several colors and shows that you are a hero of the astral plane.



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