The Foghorn

A sneak peek at a card from my new deck-in-progress, Pharos Tarot. The Foghorn is also known as The Moon. It’s the full moon here, for the zero degree,  on the Pisces/Virgo axis.

 The fog glows, but you cannot see the moon.

The horn sounds silently, and something vibrates at the back of your head. Something comes up from below. Will you heed the call?

Brought to you by Pisces, and the letter Qoph. Qoph means “the back of the head”, and the path forward – assuming you get by the kraken – leads between the back of the Anubis figures’ heads.

 It’s hard to capture the look of the original watercolor painting with a scan in this case. I have an inexpensive scanner and this is the best it could do. Most things it does fine, but fog is a little too subtle for it. In the original, the fog looks more ethereal and almost real. But the test print looks good. I’ll just have to redo it at some point. But you get the idea of the card anyway.

This is what the cards might look like borderless if I used the alternate titles (but there won’t be a watermark, no copyright info will be on the cards). But the image could be cropped and borders added instead, like in Tabula Mundi. Or it could be borderless and have a regular title of The Moon.

The fog is too thick tonight to decide which way to go. Next we seek the light.   

11 thoughts on “The Foghorn

  1. Hi M,
    Wanted to get in touch and see how you are doing. My Tabula Mundi cards are so precious to me, and I see my question to your current success is answered on these pages. Well done! Absolutely fantastic! Being a double aquarian, of course, I like the star card so much, and here another beautiful one (have to look through the rest of what you’ve completed till now). This will surely be a must-buy for me. Yes, keep on trucking, sister, you’re doing an awesome job, it seems!!! Sending you many creative juices, greetings, rebecca

  2. I love this card. Particularly the message in a bottle and the fog with the low reverb of the foghorn as a guide when you can’t see by The Lamp.

    Beautiful artwork – the scarab with moon delicate over the blood drop ToL. Anubis and the tentacle, all so well drawn. This would be a great card for mediation.

    There’s an FWA group poll. I just realized you only specifically asked for input about borderless on the forum, so I probably shouldn’t have included titles in the poll… Poll is at Borders: 24 borderless, 0 with borders. Titles: 20 yours, 6 traditional.

    1. Oh that is great, thanks so much for letting me know and keep me posted. I’m glad to hear some like the unique titles. When the Majors titles are all known, a pattern is revealed.

      1. Poll dropped down in the fb group page where things get lost, so probably about done with votes…
        Borders: 29 Borderless / 0 With Borders
        Titles: 23 Yours / 9 Traditional

  3. This Moon drenched Cancerian is howling. The passage, the drips, the aural waves, the scarab’s wings, … a very unexpected Moon.

    Oh and a big vote for borderless, but with your alternate titles.

    1. Some serious world-building going on here! Evocative stuff. What if you used your alternate titles but also included the roman numeral and/or the symbol for the card (in this case Pisces)? I’m sure you’ll find the right choice. May need to decide in the context of the whole deck. In my experience, something that works on one card may not be a good fit for others. Classic graphic design problem! 🙂 Beautiful work as always. Keep on truckin’, sister…

      1. I am considering two discrete foiled and/or embossed symbols in the lower corners, in this case Qoph and Pisces. Or the Roman numeral at the top. Probably not both. And maybe neither. If I do a Majors only, it could be different than whatever is done for a full deck. Maybe will do more mock ups for the next post. For now I just hope to find more time to paint!

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