The House

from Pharos Tarot, in progress:

The Magus is called The House in Pharos Tarot, just as the Hebrew letter Beth means House. Where the Fool was the Light, the Magus is the House, mirroring the path of the Fool on the Tree of Life. It’s the shell of the Lighthouse itself, the house of the spirit. The Magus is a Promethean figure, bringing down the holy fire through his own body, transmitting the light through himself as if a hollow tube, as the personified Wand of the Will, and the Logos. The blueprint of the lighthouse shows it to be a Tree of Life.

This is the second time I painted the Magus for this deck. The first one was the oldest of the paintings, since I’ve already redone a second and third Fool. The old Magus was the second real watercolor I’d ever painted, so it was a little rough. This one is better. My skills improved enough from the beginning of the process that I had to paint it again and indeed, this one came out much more definitively painted. I also took the liberty of changing the design of the lighthouse in this one to reflect the Pharos lighthouse, and changed up some other elements and colors in the design.

One thought on “The House

  1. It staggers me how you get such precision with your watercolour technique. Oh, and the luminosity is stunning. I can only imagine what these artworks look like in real life.

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