The Light

From Pharos Tarot, in progress:

At last, a new Fool for Pharos Tarot (just one of my new decks in progress – more to be revealed soon).

I’ve done so many versions of the Pharos Fool I’ve lost count. Up til now, all of them were revisions of the same design. I kept two of them as paintings but threw away the rest. But the image just wasn’t cutting it, I was never happy with it so that design was retired and a whole new image envisioned. I finally found Pharos’ Fool.

The Fool as light itself, or as Phanes Lightbringer, bringing the light of Kether down the lightning path to the entire tree, lighting up and enlivening the four worlds.

Golden Dawn color scale colors: Bright Pale Yellow; Sky Blue; Blue Emerald Green; and Emerald flecked Gold.

It was a challenge to paint it as bright as the white light of Kether, and primarily in the King Scale color of Bright Pale Yellow. It took a few tries to get this version right too, but I’m happy with the way it came out.

The Hebrew letter is Ox – and this is one of only two cards that do not somehow display the Hebrew letter pictorially. The Fool corresponds to Kether,  but the Ox is of Malkuth and therefore hidden as Malkuth is on suggested by the faint shores he descends upon.

 Some Pharos cards are subject to change! A new beginning with a new Fool.

8 thoughts on “The Light

  1. I am intrigued with your artwork. You are an amazing and gifted artist, and I commend you and your work. I have a question not related to the present works…have you ever investigated the path of La Santa Muerte and the rich artwork of her devotees? Again I am intrigued by your work.

    1. Thank you Junior! I am also intrigued by La Santa Muerte, for part of my devotional practice involves color symbolism. Thanks for your thought provoking comment!

  2. Yay! I always absolutely love your decks. I have learned so much from them and from you. Thanks for sharing your art and knowledge.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Light! I for one would definitely purchase a majors only Pharos deck. Blessings, beauty and love tot you and your work, MM! Pamela Patterson

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