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For the cross quarter holiday and Thelemic holy day, the Feast of Stars, also known as the Feast of Nuit, and Imbolc, I bring you the Dweller Between the Waters, the Daughter of the Firmament. Here is The Star card from my new deck-in-progress, Pharos Tarot. I call this one The Way.

The Star shows the Way, a beacon of celestial navigation. In the Milky Way she dwells, washing herself in a river of dew, using her solar cross window to make thunderbolts…

The Hebrew letter is Heh, meaning “window” (as per the Thoth system) sp the goddess is filtering starlight through a solar cross window. If you want to use tradition, it’s Tzaddi, meaning “hook”. The stars as they pass thru the window and forming swirling thunderbolts with hook-like edges.

Two versions, as two different scanner modes used. I’m undecided. The top one has better detail in the Milky Way edges, but I like the dark blue in the second one as it looks more “night sky”.

Then there was another passage which was really too secret for anything; all I shall tell you is, there was the most beautiful Goddess that ever was, and she was washing herself in a river of dew. If you ask what she is doing, she says: “I’m making thunderbolts.” It was only starlight, and yet one could see quite clearly, so don’t think I’m making a mistake. ” ~ Liber XCV, The Wake World, by Aleister Crowley

The colors are Violet, Sky Blue, Bluish Mauve, and White Faintly Tinged Purple. I took a bit of artistic liberty in that “Sky Blue” here ranges through all shades of blue one might see in the sky, as I wanted it to be a night sky. The violets and bluish mauve form the nebulae. The stars are “white faintly tinged purple”.

You can see all of the cards posted to date on the Pharos page. More cards to come over the next few days, as the moon wanes and prepares to renew.

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  1. Beautiful. These cards (well, The Star and the Hanged Man at least) seem to include symbolism in a a much more subtle way than your previous work. Is it a conscious decision on your part ?

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